Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jesus Never Lied

Another article on evilbible.com is a somewhat short one saying that Jesus lied about the power of prayer. It says if you look at these verses without adding anything to them, then they are blatant lies out of the mouth of Jesus. Unfortunately what those who read this usually don't realize, is that the thing they don't want added is the historical context, the "key" to understanding the meaning of the verse. The following are their examples:

1) Matthew 21:21-22. Taken out of context, of course it will sounds like a lie. In the cultural context moving a mountain is a common metaphor for doing something that is seemingly impossible, not literally moving one. Also, we submit our faith in prayer to God, so it is always He who has the final say. http://www.crivoice.org/commanding.html has a full article on this.

2) Matthew 7:7-8. Same idea

3) Matthew 18: 19-20. Same basic idea again, but slightly different. Of course it doesn't mean Jesus is literally with them, it's through Jesus we have the ability to come together and pray.

4) Mark 11:24-25. Exact same words as #1

5) Luke 11:9-13. Exact same words as #2

6) John 14:13-14. Same idea

7) John 15:7. Same idea

8) John 15:16. Same idea

9) John 16: 23-24. Same idea

Every single one of these is Jesus saying the EXACT, SAME, THING! This is actually one big example, shows a little about research again, doesn't it? I posted a link to a site which explains Jesus words in full, without unfairly adding to them.
Also, a great link from a friend more experienced in this than I am: http://atheismisdead.blogspot.com/2009/05/atheism-evilbiblecom-and-jesus-lied.html

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