Monday, September 7, 2009

"God Is Impossible" Part 10--Contradictory Justice

This and the next are probably the hardest ones to debunk thoroughly because they make very vague accusations.  They say that God's justice changes throughout the Bible without any examples but 2, both of which are easy to answer.

First of all, they mention David's punishment for taking a census.  1 Chronicles 1:17 actually tells us the "He" is SATAN, not God.  This is easily found with a more literal reading in the original text.  Also, a census is generally to take account of something you own, and Israel was by no means David's, at that point it was a theocracy.

The only other one they mentioned was Jesus fixing God's imperfect creation.  I've already shown creation was perfect until we messed it up, so that point has already been answered.

God has an unchangeable nature, so his sense of Justice never has and never will contradict itself.  There are websites answering Bible "contradictions" people struggle with.  Try:,, or


  1. Really? You have circular logic. God is only good because he says he is?