Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"God Is Impossible" Part 3--Perfection Seeks More Perfection's biggest slip-up here was attributes they assigned to something that is perfect, that aren't necessarily true. For example, they said that something perfect needed nothing else, which is true, but then they added that it WANTS nothing else. Where does that come from? God created us because he finds delight in our faith and everything we do for Him, but that by no means shows he needs us, merely that he loves us.

To definition of want: is to feel a need for something, or an inclination. Ordinarily it would make sense that God wants nothing, but again you are using human feelings to define the Almighty God. His emotions are not the same as ours, again pointing at Isaiah "My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways." Nothing could prompt God to recognize His need for anything, and He certainly wasn't lonely, the inclination He felt to create came from the joy He knew His creation would bring Him.

It says humans engage in activities to pursue perfection. That in itself isn't necessarily true, there are people who do things for the sheer pleasure of doing it, not to pursue any sort of perfection.

Last thing, the Bible says God is indescribably glorious and awesome. The word perfect is in itself a human created word, so it makes no sense to limit a God beyond our understanding to a human created word. You cannot limit God by a human created attribute.

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