Friday, August 28, 2009

"God Is Impossible" Part 4--Perfection begets imperfection

The next section of's argument talks about how God created humans, who in turn ended up sinning. Therefore, God's creation was imperfect, and something imperfect can't come from something that is perfect, so God must not be perfect. There are a couple big things missing from this argument:

In order to show this, Evilbible must first show that the world is, in fact, imperfect due to a creative flaw. There is another kind of imperfect that did not recognize, the state of being made perfect. Think about Revelation for a minute. Revelation is when God ultimately exalts His Creation and it is made perfect. The world is imperfect because of being in the process of being made perfect.

Why God chose this method, we can only speculate. The only thing we know is that Adam and Eve are the ones who messed up the original good (not perfect) creation. Satan's role is conveniently left out in this article. Satan is the one who began warping the good desire for knowledge that Adam and Eve had, and they decided to attempt to fulfill themselves rather than turning to God. The path that the world then went down allowed God to show that He keeps His promises, He is love, and He is always glorified. The world will be without sin once God is done with it, and Satan will not be able to interfere.

Again, it is also worth mentioning that you cannot limit God with a man-made world and attributes described in man's language. God is beyond perfect, so perfect cannot be made a limit.


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  2. I was once a bible thumping / flag waving christian. Read the bible 3 times + decades of bible study. Then I started to look around, and ponder things. I started to read SCIENCE.
    It's interesting that 97% of American scientists at the prestigious National Academy of Sciences, do not believe in god.
    I've read the bible, not I suggest that you read "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins.
    " All thinking men are atheists "....Ernest YOU have the courage to think ????????????????

  3. correction on the above post : the word NOW, not the word NOT....I'm 69 years old and the old fingers are not as limber.

  4. I appreciated the input, but I'm content where I am. Have YOU ever read "The Dawkins Delusion"? Also, listen to the story of an atheist you may be familiar with, Anthony Flew. He was a devout atheist and debated many, but because of the complexity that continues to show itself regardless how deep of a level we go to, He became a Christian.

  5. Yes, I have read The God Delusion, plus many many books pertaining to science. I was a christian. I am now an enlightened non-believer. If you counted up the intelligent & famous people, just starting, say, from the founding fathers, till now who became non-believers just through their reading, and exploring things outside of the little christian would be absolutely shocked at the number of them.
    Here's a book I recommend that was written by a FORMER PASTOR....
    " Losing Faith in Faith " by Dan Barker
    I don't think you read The God Delusion at all........much to scary to read the truth. Some people find it much too comforting to believe what a bunch of Bronze-Age goat herdsmen thought & said about life thousands of years ago. Religion was used to control peoples, and it's controlling them now....such a pity that so many refuse to live in the real world.

  6. You are one dumb motherfucker.


  7. Adam and eves fault...really?